Internal combustion vehicles have come a long way in the 135 years since Carl Benz first produced the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. But even with generations of performance and technological enhancements, gasoline-powered engines are still very inefficient and contribute an unsustainable amount of greenhouse emissions, even in their most advanced configurations. Some people even believe that the standard engine may be nearing a practical limit of what's possible for consumer automobiles. But a rapidly rising tide of EV and hybrid production and adoption has shown us that the car's future is still bright. And it will be electric.

And as the original manufacturer of the motorcar and one of the most iconic names in luxury automobility, Mercedes-Benz is fully committed to an electrified future, creating cars and SUVs for a more sustainable next-generation, while continuing to deliver a premium and exhilarating automotive experience.

Which Mercedes-Benz Models are Hybrids?

Today, Mercedes-Benz manufactures two types of hybrid vehicles: mild-hybrid (MHEV) and plug-in hybrid.

  • EQ Boost (MHEV): An MHEV features an electric motor that acts as a generator, harvesting the energy typically lost during braking and stores it in a small battery (a.k.a. regenerative braking). The energy is then reused to aid the engine during stop-starts, improving fuel economy and delivering smoother acceleration. In Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this technology is called EQ Boost and is available on these models: C-Class, CLS 450, E 450 S500, and S 580.

  • Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV): A PHEV works like a regular hybrid, except that it utilizes a larger electric powertrain that can run independently of the engine at normal speeds for short distances. The greater battery capacity generally requires an external charging source to make the most of its abilities. Mercedes-Benz PHEV models include the E 350e (21-mile electric range) and GLC 350e (22-mile electric range).

Does Mercedes-Benz Offer an All-Electric Vehicle?

The next generation of Mercedes-EQ fully electric luxury automobiles is currently in development. These models will offer cutting-edge technology, stunning style, and robust performance and begin arriving in the United States beginning with the 2022 model year. Mercedes-EQ models include the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, and EQS.

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