It's a simple concept, but the battery in your Mercedes-Benz has a strenuous job. It not only starts the engine but also powers the interior and exterior lights, advanced driver-assistance technologies, infotainment, HVAC system, and more. And it does all that while continually being recharged by the alternator. Still, the battery can be easy to take for granted because it's usually out of sight. And if you find yourself with a dead battery, the situation could be a minor inconvenience involving asking strangers for a jump. But it could also be dangerous, like being stuck alone in freezing Nashua temperatures. Therefore, it's important to know the signs of a stressed battery and when to have it tested or replaced.

What are signs of a bad battery?

Fortunately, you don't have to wait until your car won't start to recognize a potential issue, as there are a few tell-tale signs. Bring your car or SUV to Mercedes-Benz of Manchester for a checkup if you notice symptoms like:

  • The Battery/Check Engine light illuminates
  • Ignition seems sluggish or strained
  • The battery appears to be leaking or has corroded terminals
  • The battery case appears swollen
  • The lights dim when operating the AC

Despite their taxing task, car batteries are pretty durable and can last three to five years or more, depending on the operating conditions and your driving habits. However, after the three-year mark, it's recommended to have it tested twice annually.

How Long Does a Battery Replacement Take?

As vehicle electronics continue to advance, battery replacement becomes less straightforward. But the service experts here at Mercedes-Benz of Manchester have the experience and specialized equipment necessary to determine any issues, perform all factory-required testing procedures, and replace the battery with a genuine OEM model if necessary. In total, a simple battery replacement can take between 15 to 30 minutes.

Get Mercedes-Benz battery service near Bedford and Londonderry

Get in touch with Mercedes-Benz of Manchester today for more information about battery service and the recommended maintenance for your specific model. And if your battery is due for an inspection, it's quick and easy to schedule Mercedes-Benz service via our website. We'll be happy to assist you.

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