The Mercedes-Benz of Manchester Service Department offers specials of all kinds, including battery specials. Our service specials change frequently, so make sure to check our specials before your battery service appointment. If you suspect your Mercedes-Benz SUV or car needs a new battery, don't hesitate to schedule service with our team!

Battery Maintenance

Once you have your new battery installed, now it's time for battery maintenance. We have a few helpful tips from the expert technicians at the Mercedes-Benz of Manchester Service Department to help your battery last and remain in good condition.

  • Avoid frequent short trips, generally less than five miles. If you travel short distances daily, it's harder on your battery and wears it out faster.
  • Always turn off any non-automatic electronics when you exit your vehicle, including lights and audio.
  • Try not to play music or use electronics while your car is idling for a while. This can drain your battery and leave you stranded or needing a cable jump.

Even the highest-quality battery in a Mercedes-Benz model will eventually need replacing. By having your battery checked on a routine basis, our technicians can help you estimate when you'll need a new battery. This way, you can plan for the expense and avoid roadside assistance.

It's Easy to Schedule a Service Appointment Online

As mentioned, if it's been a while since service technicians checked out your battery, be sure to schedule a battery service appointment online with our service professionals. We can help you care for your battery and replace it if needed. Folks from Manchester, Bedford, Londonderry, Concord, Merrimack, and Nashua are encouraged to visit us at 875 Gold Street near Manchester, NH.

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