A brake repair for your Mercedes-Benz car or SUV will take roughly 30 minutes to one hour at our service department. If you have other services scheduled, like an oil change or tire rotation, you can expect the appointment to take longer. A brake pad/rotor replacement is included in our Mercedes-Benz Express Service, which is designed to get you in and out of our service center as quickly as possible.

If your Mercedes-Benz car or SUV needs new brake pads or rotors soon, don't hesitate to contact the Mercedes-Benz of Manchester team to schedule service to keep your car in excellent shape. We proudly serve drivers near Manchester, Bedford, Londonderry, Concord, Merrimack, Nashua, and beyond.

Brake Service & Maintenance

If you're looking for brake maintenance near Manchester, consider scheduling an appointment online with us. No matter what your brake repair may be, we can cover it. We offer various brake services at Mercedes-Benz of Manchester, including:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake rotor replacement
  • Brake fluid flush and fluid replacement
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • And much more!

After you have new brakes installed on your Mercedes-Benz car or SUV, now is the perfect time to refresh on brake maintenance tips to keep them in great shape. The first, most obvious tip is to avoid heavy or sudden braking as much as possible. Try to drive with the natural flow of traffic so you can coast more and stomp on your brakes less, especially if you live in a city with heavy traffic.

Next, listen to your brakes every now and again so you can make sure they're working properly. If you hear grinding, squealing, or your car shakes when you brake, it's time for a checkup. Additionally, make sure to have your brakes checked out during every oil change or every six months to one year.

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